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Missing Middle Update - July 2020


Arlington is still in Covid-19 mode, limiting County Board meetings to virtual engagements, and holding limited, virtual meetings of key committees/commissions that help inform critical policy decisions.  Despite that -- and limitations as public engagement for Missing Middle Housing initiatives was cut short -- the county by July 7 had published two new bulletins on Missing Middle (MM), with more on the way.  These documents show that the county does not intend to engage citizens in a vigorous debate on rezoning but will forge ahead on its own terms.  Although no jurisdiction in the U.S. has shown that Missing Middle will produce an affordable housing supply to maintain a population of diverse races, ethnic groups, and incomes -- the county has cloaked its development zeal in socially-redeeming language about equity.  In fact, the bulletins highlight policies that have displaced lower or fixed income earners from our midst, but neglect any mention that these policies have originated for the most part from boards of the past 20 years. 


20 years ago, a median-income earner could afford to live in all but a half-dozen of our neighborhoods.  ASF will be addressing some of the substantive claims being made by the county in the next months, and intends to seek a more informed public process that does not pre-cook outcomes.  Stay up to date by reviewing our key documents -- including one that debunks widespread claims of MM affordability -- at the link below, by reading the county bulletins (also at the link below), and by telling the board you want a credible citizen engagement process. 

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