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​ASF advocates for  better development policies to ensure Arlington's long-term, budget, equity and environmental sustainability



Arlington County on February 1 published the the County Board-approved version of new Missing Middle Zoning for 6-plex construction proposed for single-family areas

Provide your public comment TODAY on the draft --


County Board takes a final vote on all options MARCH 18!

KEY ASF Resources on the Plan:


The County's newly-advertised set of options for its Missing Middle housing framework tout new housing opportunities through "infill" in single-family zoned areas.  The draft zoning -- open for public comment until March 17 -- would allow construction of new duplexes up to 6-plexes for all lots in R-5 to R-20 residential zones.  Many initial promises about Missing Middle -- it won't be countywide, it will deliver "family-sized units," and offer "starter homes" that help "create wealth for more diverse populations" were reversed as the county kept shifting its goals.  The county projects only 20 new buildings a year, or about 100 new units, and 150 added residents.  However, similar up-zoning near Seattle (in Ballard) produced rapid infill of large units replacing older more affordable homes, as in the photo above.  The county claims its MM "vision" will not negatively affect infrastructure, diversity, or green space; ASF disagrees.  As noted in our materials above, we expect Missing Middle will bring:

  • Loss of affordable, older housing stock (replacing $750k homes with MM units that START at $415k/for 700 ft2 units);

  • Rise in land prices that will preclude true affordable housing solutions (e.g. co-ops);

  • Subsidizing the wealthy (those earning 118-273% of area median income);

  • Spreading tear-downs to new areas; at faster-than projected pace;

  • Displacement of households who earn less than $108,000 per year (lowest MM income needed) and those who can't pay higher taxes;

  • up to 49% loss of canopy in rezoned areas;

  • Major impacts on traffic, neighborhood parking, pollution;

  • Abandonment of transit-oriented development;

  • A net loss of "family-sized housing" units (with 89% of MM being 1-2 BR units);

  • Likely shift from 80% owner-occupied to approx 80% rental properties in rezoned areas, reducing opportunities for wealth creation for new owners;

  • A diversion from other priorities, such as true affordable housing and addressing tree loss from current residential development.


  • Delay the March 18 final vote until the following requests are met:

  • Fully reveal population growth of new zoning;

  • Publish the fiscal, environmental and displacement impacts of the proposed 8-plex plan compared to current zoning;

  • Consider measures that are neither irreversible nor as inflexible as rezoning.


Quick Links:

Visit our Missing Middle page for more information.

​​​​​​​​Plan Langston Boulevard:  The county has slightly modified, with release of a new Preliminary Concept Plan (PCP) in August 2022, scenarios A and B revealed in summer 2021 for "Plan Langston Boulevard."  The PCP lays out new land use and zoning along Langston Blvd west of Rosslyn to Arlington-East Falls Church (with some parts, i.e. Cherrydale and East Falls Church, subject to separate planning efforts and one area deferred.)  ASF believes the PCP inadequately accounts for adverse fiscal and environmental impacts; omits critically-needed new infrastructure, particularly schools, roads (the planning area lies outside Metro corridors), parks; and will severely erode market-rate affordable housing/diversity.

The Upshot and How to Weigh In.  ASF believes MM and Plan Langston Boulevard up-zoning (and up-GLUPping) are irreversible densifications and a break from the county's 40-year agreement with residents to limit high-density development to Metro corridorsWe hope you will share your views with the board (

PLB map graphic updated name oct2021_cropped2.jpg

Plan Langston Blvd

Two scenarios envision drastically increased density from Rosslyn to East Falls Church

Missing Middle

Help shape housing policy in single-family neighborhoods before the point of no return.

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