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​ASF advocates for  better development policies to ensure Arlington's long-term, budget, equity and environmental sustainability


Judge Allows Missing Middle (EHO) Lawsuit to Proceed - October 19, 2023, See ASF Press Release


Langston Boulevard Area Plan

Tell County Board to Delay its Vote

Speak at November 11 Board Meeting to Seek More Clarity on Zoning and Real Caps on Buiding Heights and Density.  See ASF comments to the Board here.

The new LBAP presages up-zoning (and GLUP changes) for unfunded density and gentrification. 

SEE MORE INFO on our PLB Page!

Quick Link to ASF's November 7 Letter to the County Board, and its September 29, 2023 Letter to the County Board

Quick Link to ASF 5-Minute Presentation to Arlington Board October 14 2023



ASF is Tracking New Missing Middle by-right six-plex zoning in residential areas!

See a map of the 15 Missing Middle (or Enhanced Housing Option) permits that have been received as of July 1 2023

The County is publishing EHO permits, it should publish a new dashboard, see details here

KEY ASF Resources on the March 22 Approved MM Policy:


​​​​​​​​The County Board is voting November 11 the "Langston Boulevard" Area Plan" (formerly Plan Langston Blvd).  The advertised "vision" will not codify, but it will open the door to new land use and zoning along Langston Blvd. west of Rosslyn to Arlington-East Falls Church (with some parts, i.e. Cherrydale and East Falls Church, subject to separate planning efforts and not included in the planning area for now.)  ASF believes the PCP inadequately accounts for adverse fiscal and environmental impacts; omits critically-needed new infrastructure, particularly schools, parks, stormwater detention, and roads (the planning area lies outside Metro corridors), parks.  The plan misses the county's affordable housing goals and allows a 40% reduction in the overall percentage of affordable housing in the 3 Areas being redeveloped.  So we can expect more gentrification, major traffice, flooding and school and park overcrowding. Virginia controls this highway and has yet to approve transportation changes.

PLB map graphic updated name oct2021_cropped2.jpg

County Posts New Plan for Public Comment Through November 10, 2023 - Adds Rosslyn-Type Density to 4 Major "Hubs"

Missing Middle

Help shape housing policy in single-family neighborhoods before the point of no return.

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