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Arlington Elections 2024

Local Elections Count!!! 

Arlington County Board, School Board, and State Government Shape Growth and Development!

Elections 2024

ASF is paying close attention to the race for Arlington County Board, which has the most influence on growth and development of all the races on the ballot this November.  Arlington Democrats will hold their primary for the Arlington County Board on June 18, 2024.  Early voting began May 3, 2024 at certain sites.  See more info on in person early voting here. Voters will be electing one member of the County Board; the Democratic primary for county board will be done by ranked choice voting; you may rank your top three candidates for this race only.  The Republican Party will announce details of a County Board candidate soon.


See hours and locations for voting here.  See more details about voter registration, in-person early voting and absentee voting here

ASF posed questions to the five Democratic candidates for Arlington County Board that we hope can give you a sense of their positions on issues important to ASF and future development of our county.  See those questions and candidate replies below.  Arlington County School Board caucus is being held until May 11; ASF did not submit questions to school board candidates, but there are two open seats and four candidates.  See more about school board elections here.



Question 1:  Comprehensive Plan Update

Five Candidate Replies to Question 1

Question 2: Commercial Office Vacancies

Five Candidate Replies to Question 2

Question 3:  County Advisory Commissions

Five Candidate Replies to Question 3

Question 4:  Missing Middle Program and Lawsuit

Five Candidate Replies to Question 4

Question 5:  Special GLUPs – time limits for study documents and survey of non-profits seeking new land use and zoning.

Five Candidate Replies to Question 5

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