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Jul-Sep 2022


County Board Discusses Missing Middle Housing Proposal Amid Roiling Community Debate, ARLNow, July 13, 2022



Arlington Board Member Seeks Middle Ground on Missing Middle, Scott McCaffrey, Sun Gazette, July 13, 2022

ASF Arlington Residents Face off Over Housing, John Henry, WUSA, July 12, 2022

Tuesday Brings Latest Fork in Missing Middle Road, Scott McCaffrey, Sun Gazette, July 11, 2022

Arlington Office Vacancy Rates Continues to Rise Amid Work-From-Home Trend, ARLNow, July 11, 2022

ASF In Arlington, Advocactes and Opponents of Missing Middle Face Off, Teo Armus, Washington Post, July 11 2022

What Critics of Diversifying Arlington's Housing Get Wrong, Washington Post Opinion, Emily Hamilton, July 8, 2022

​​Apr-Jun 2022

ASF Deliberation on Major Housing Proposal Enters the Homestretch, Shirley Ruhe, The Arlington Connection, June 30, 2022

Greens Leery of Missing Middle Proposal, Scott McCaffrey, Sun Gazette, June 24, 2022

Our Man in Arlington, Charlie Clark, Falls Church News Press, June 24, 2022

Staff:  No Cost-Benfit Analysis for Missing Middle, Scott McCaffrey, Sun Gazette, June 23, 2022

County Leaders Keeping Missing Middle Commenters on Tight Leash, Scott McCaffrey, Sun Gazette, Jne 23, 2022

Population Estimates, Inner Suburbs Down, Other Areas Up, Scott McCaffrey, Sun Gazette, June 22, 2022

ASF  Missing Middle Prompts Intense Debate, Competing Signs, at County Board Meeting, Mavis Chan, ARLNow, June 21, 2022

Judge Halts Minneapolis 2040 Zoning Plan Amid Environmental Questions, MPR New Staff, Minneapolis Public Radio, June 16, 2022

Whose Capital Spending Numbers are Correct, Scott McCaffrey, Sun Gazette, June 16, 2022

ASF County Board Member Talks Missing Middle on WAMU, Matt Blitz, ARLNow, June 13, 2022

Sierra Club Chapter Backs Arlington Missng Middle Endeavor, Scott McCaffrey,  Sun Gazette, June 10, 2022

Local Sierra Club Chapter Endorses Missing Middle Housing Plan, ARLNow, June 9, 2022

We Repeat, The Fix is In on Housing, Scott McCaffrey, Sun Gazette, June 9, 2022

Arlington Leadership Ignores Residents of 22202, Alyssa Marlow, Letter to the Editor, Sun Gazette, June 1, 2022

ASF Advocacy Group, County Government Declares War on Single Family Zoning, Scott McCaffrey, Sun Gazette, May 23, 2022

New Equity Program Taking Root to Plant Trees in Ten Arlington Neighborhoods, Mike, ARLNow, May 23, 2022

Sustainable Economic Development Key to Growth in Arlington, Arlington Economic Development, ARLNow, May 18, 2022

Of Course the Fix is In, Scott McCaffrey, Sun Gazette, May 17, 2022

ASF Our Man in Arlington, Charlie Clark, Falls Church News Press, May 13, 2022

Missing Middle Needs to Focus on Home Ownership, Joan FitzGerald, Letter to Editor, Sun Gazette, May 11, 2022

ARLogance Returns with a Vengeance, Scott Mccaffrey editorial, Sun Gazette, May 5, 2022

ASF Missing Middle Draft Calls for Legalizing Multifamily Housing Countywide, ARLNow, May 2, 2022

Amazon's $2 billion Housing Push is Mostly Leaving out the Poorest, Teo Armus, The Washington Post, April 11, 2022

ASF Plans for Phase 2 for HQ2 for Amazon Receive Planning Commission Approval, April 5, 2022

Amazon Pledges $30 Million for Affordable Housing in Arlington as it Seeks to Expand HQ2, Heather Graf, WJLA, April 4, 2022

Jan-Mar 2022

Data in from 2021 Heat Survey, Scott McCaffrey, Sun Gazette, March 27, 2022

Southbound Lane of West Glebe Bridge Closed Due to Structural Issues, press release,, March 25, 2022

Housing Market Enters Uncharted Waters as Interest Rates Rise, Lance Lambert, Fortune, March 22, 2022

As Workers Return to the Office, Experts See Early Signs of More Driving, Katherine Shaver, The Washington Post, March 19, 2022

The Shift to Work at Home is so Pronounced that New York Properties Near Rail Stations Now Trade at a Discount, Stephen Goldstein, Market Watch, March 19, 2022

ASF Our Man in Arlington, Charlie Clark, Falls Church News Press, (about ASF and NAACP support for Missing Middle zoning in Arlington), March 18, 2022

County  Board to Consider New $1.1 Million Water Main near Rosslyn, ARLNow, March 18, 2022

Updates to Clarendon Sector Plan Head to County Board, Jo DeVoe, ARLNow, March 17, 2022

How the Return of Workers to the Office Could Impact Climate Change, Ben Adler, Yahoo News, March 16, 2022

Extended Water Main Repair Closes Two Lanes Along Rt. 29, ARLNow, March 15, 2022

Ask Eli:  And We Thought Last Year's Housing Market was Crazy, Eli Tucker, ARLNow, March 15, 2022

Two Women are on a Quest to Map Every Racially-Restricted Property Deed in the County, Jo DeVoe, March 14, 2022

ASF Morning Notes, Item on ASF's Letter to the County Board on Plan Langston Boulevard, March 10, 2022

APS Long-Term Planning Before Career Center Development, Gillian, blogspot, March 1, 2022

Development, Rents, Transportation Highlight Forum on Columbia Pike, Scott McCaffrey, Sun Gazette, February 28, 2022

ASF Duplexes vs. McMansions, What Makes a House Too Big for Neighbors, Jo DeVoe, ARLNow, February 24, 2022

Staff Takes Heat as Plan Langston Boulevard Process Rolls On, Scott McCaffrey, Sun Gazette, February 21, 2022

Our Man in Arlington, Charlie Clark, Falls Church News Press, February 18, 2022 (discussion with community activists)

Pillaging of Arlington Middle Class Continues, Scott McCaffrey, Sun Gazette, February 17, 2022

County Must do More to Stem Tree Loss, Scott McCaffrey, Sun Gazette, February 16, 2022

Global and Regional Sea Level Rise Scenarios for the United States, Updated Mean Projections and Extreme Water Level Probabilities Along U.S. Coastlines, NOAA et al., February 2022

In Amazon's Shadow, Neighbors Dueling over Density, Teo Armus, Washington Post February 11, 2022

Our Man in Arlington, Charlie Clark, Falls Church News Press, February 11, 2022 (consideration of single-family construction)

Statewide Rezoning of Single Family Areas is a Terrible Idea, Christopher Kirk, Seattle Times, February 10, 2022

County Looks to Buy Pike Office Building for $7.6 Million, Jo DeVoe, ARLNow, February 10, 2022

Steep Ridership Losses Will Force Changes to Metro Service After Pandemic, Transit Leaders Say, Justin George, Washington, Post, February 9, 2022

County Board Incumbent Makes Re-Election Bid Official, Scott McCaffrey, Sun Gazette, February 3, 2022

Intense Winter Weather Leaves County Crews Flooded with Water Main Breaks, Jo DeVoe, ARLNow, February 1, 2022

Far Bluer Than Ever, Northern Virginia Confronts Its Shrunken Influence in a Split General Assembly, Teo Armus, The Washigton Post, January 30, 2022

In Clarendon, Silver Diner Project Crystallizes as Sector PlanRevsions Enter Home Stretch, Jo DeVoe, ARLNow, January 28, 2022

Arlington Board Iffy on Fast-Tracking Upzoning Measures, Scott McCaffrey, Sun Gazette, January 27, 2022

Labor Shortages and Remote Work Likely to Continue Economic Forecasters Say, James Jarvis, Sun Gazette, January 26, 2022

Legislature Should Reject Plan to End Single-Family Zoning, Seattle Times, January 25, 2022

Neighbors Ask County to Reconsider Dense Residential Development Planned for Pentagon City, Jo DeVoe, ARLNow, January 11, 2022

Ask Eli:  2021 Real Estate Market Review, Single Family, Eli Tucker, ARLNow, January 10, 2022

2021 Board Chair Looks Back at Wild Year at the Helm, Scott McCaffrey, Sun Gazette, January 4, 2022