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About Us

Arlingtonians concerned about rapid growth and urbanization in mid-2019 formed an educational and advocacy group, Arlingtonians for our Sustainable Future (ASF) to engage the community and elected leaders of the county. 


ASF believes that before the county considers zoning changes to increase density, and as we adapt to a new identity as a hi-tech corridor, we should understand likely long-term impacts and modify growth policies best suited to a sustainable community. 

"Weigh in before you are squeezed out."

-Peter Rousselot, ASF

ASF Presentations:

ASF has presented its views and requests for action to a number of groups active in the county, beginning with introductory presentations in October 2019.  In late 2019 and early 2020, ASF made presentations to county commissions, to civic associations and business and civic organizations.  Four members of ASF also presented in-depth reviews of the organization's key issues at ASF's first large public meeting at the Central Library on February 24, 2020.  (Presentations from this event, on Environment, Infrastructure, and Development and Missing Middle Housing are posted on our Key Issues pages).  After a brief interval due to Covid-19, ASF resumed (virtual) engagements with a few civic associations in July 2020 and will continue these through Fall 2020.  In September 2020, ASF presented its views on key issues, with an emphasis on Missing Middle Housing, to the Arlington County Board.  That presentation is included in our "official requests" section directly below.



ASF Official Requests of Comments to (and replies from) Arlington County



(County Board reply can be viewed here)

                                         Attachment to ASF Letter on Missing Middle Survey of Jan 5

,              March 16, 2021 - Arlington County Board Reply to ASF Concerns about Missing Middle Study


 Sep 11, 2020    Reply from Arlington County Manager on Donaldson Run Tributary B Restoration 

Aug 27, 2020    Reply from Arlington County Board re Missing Middle and Community Engagement 

​May 15, 2020    Reply from Arlington Board on Continuity of Governance/Special Planning Process Amendments

May 6, 2020      Reply from Arlington County Board on Land-Use Decisions During Pandemic

May 6, 2020      Reply from Arlington County Board on Missing Middle Study Deferral

April 27, 2020    Replies from Arlington County Board on Rouse Property Purchase


ASF Official Requests to (and replies from) non-County Entities:


ASF Platform

We Have a Problem

Don’t let Arlington become the next Houston

The County is moving to rapidly accelerate growth. Plans to eliminate single-family zoning and other zoning changes would transform Arlington from an urban village to a paved metropolis. Changes will leave us increasingly vulnerable to disastrous flooding and escalating taxes. Leaders have not fully informed us of the magnitude of these plans, quantified costs or addressed consequences.

Spurred by July 2019 flooding, Arlingtonians for our Sustainable Future (ASF) organized to provide education and advocacy in our community.  We stand for informed citizen democracy.  Before enacting further zoning changes that will increase density, our community needs to understand and address consequences.


A sustainable future for Arlington must start with our watershed and the needs of our existing communities. Decisions must be based not on unproven assumptions, but on analysis, clear community understanding of costs and benefits of densification and a broad range of citizen preferences. 


Before adopting land use changes that would increase density, the County should: 


Project total population of maximum buildout for each project, land use or zoning increase or bonus density


Prepare three county forecasts comparing current zoning with up-zoning vis-a-vis:

❖Long-term operating budget;

❖Long-term environmental impact;

❖Long-term household income by quintiles showing projected disparities among different household groups compared to national average

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