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A vast majority of Arlington residents—homeowners and renters alike—have no idea about the County government's massive changes to its zoning and land use policies, nor any concept of what the impacts of those changes might be on their neighborhoods, diversity, schools, traffic, environment, quality of life, true equity, or cost to live in Arlington. Please help us change that!

Three ways to support sensible & sustainable goals:


  • By credit card or PayPal: Click “DONATE” at the top of this page

  • By Venmo:  @ASFLLC-Virginia  

  • By check: Make payable to “ASF LLC” and mail to ASF, P.O. Box 7674, Arlington, VA 22207

What is ASF's mission?

Formed in 2019, Arlingtonians for Our Sustainable Future (ASF) believes that before Arlington County adopts major new zoning changes, we should first understand likely long-term environmental, fiscal, and demographic impacts. Further, the County should only adopt thoughtful changes best suited to a sustainable community.

How will ASF use your donations?


Funds we raise will help us:

  • Buy signs for residents to display

  • Make and distribute flyers

  • Pay for media outreach

  • Conduct other outreach to residents

  • Carry out supporting tasks to promote sustainable planning in Arlington


Any amount you can donate — $5 or $50 or $500 — helps! Thank you!

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