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Arlington Elections 2023

Local Elections Count!!! 

Arlington County Board, School Board, and State Government Shape Growth and Development!

Elections 2023

Primaries and caucuses for a number of races leading up to the November general election are being held in Arlington.  ASF as usual will be payng close attention to the race for Arlington County Board, which has the most influence on growth and development in Arlngton.  So far, no Republicans have announced, so we are currently only tracking the primaries and cauces for Democrats for local and statewide elections.

Two candidates are running for school board in the Democratic caucus, to fill one open seat.  The candidates are Miranda Turner and Angelo Cocchiaro.The caucus will be held as follows:

  • May 7 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at Drew Elementary School

  • May 10 from 7-9 p.m. at Campbell Elementary School

  • May 13 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at Washington-Liberty High School

All other offices will be filled via primaries on June 20 (thus far, there are no Republican candidates for the offices listed below).  Key dates for voting in the primaries:

See hours and locations here.  See more details about voter registration, in-person early voting and absentee voting here.  We will be using ranked choice voting, which means you can vote for your first, second and third choice on the ballot.  See more information here.


Arlington voters will be voting for:

The General Assembly candidates seeking the Democratic nomination, listed alphabetically by
race, include James DeVita and Barbara Favola in State Senate District 40, Adam Ebbin in
State Senate District 39, Patrick Hope in the House of Delegates District 1, Adele McClure and
Kevin Saucedo-Broach in the House of Delegates District 2, and Alfonso Lopez in the House
of Delegates District 3.

There are two open seats on the County Board.  The six County Board candidates seeking the Democratic nomination include Maureen Coffey, Susan Cunningham, Jonathan Dromgoole, Natalie Roy, Julius D. (“JD”) Spain, Sr., and
Tony Weaver.  ASF posed questions to the candidates for Arlington County Board that we hope can give you a sense of their positions on issues important to ASF and future development of our county.



Questions Posed to All Candidates:

1.  if you supported Missing Middle, what are the top 3 goals it will achieve and how will we track those?  what will represent success??  if you did not support missing middle, how do you think the community should be approaching housing policy and what are the top 3 needs and some solutions you'd offer?  What would you change about Missing Middle if you could?

2.  The commercial vacancy rate is at an all time high  of over 20%.  What is the impact on our budget and what are your plans for addressing this gap?


3.  Board member Garvey in her remarks at the Missing Middle vote expressed interest in reviving long-term planning for the county, a 20 year look ahead.  One of ASF's key platforms is the need to proactively plan for infrastructure and services for new residents.  Do you share the Garvey view and what are 2-3 concrete steps you would propose as a new board member?


4.  We have seen high-profile projects stopped in their tracks (Pen Place, Marriott redevelopment).  Both projects had promised "community benefits."  Do you think this "community benefits" system has any inherent risks?  Would you consider a pay-as-you go system for new development, including some type of proffer system or Tischler Bise funding for development if you are elected to the board?


April 2023 County Board Candidates' answers:


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