Arlington Elections 2021

Local Elections Count!!! 

Arlington County Board, School Board, and State Government Shape Growth and Development!

Elections 2021

Elections will take place November 2 for Virginia Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, and 45th, 47th, 48th, and 49th districts for the Virginia House of Delegates (all covering at least some part of Arlington), one seat for the Arlington County Board, and one seat for the Arlington School Board.  The Democratic primary for these seats will be held June 8.

Democrat Takis Karantonis is running to retain his Arlington County Board seat.  He will face Chanda Choun in the Democratic primary on June 8.  Independent candidate Audrey Clement will challenge the winner of that primary in November, as well as any Republicans or other independents who may run.  Mary Kadera and Miranda Turner are vying in the Arlington Democratic caucus for the School Board seat being vacated by Monique O'Grady.  Independents have until June 8 to file for a school board candidacy, Republican nomination processes have not been announced.  No independents or Republicans have yet announced their intent to compete for the school board seat.

For all Democratic primary races on June 8, here are the key dates:

-- Early voting starts April 23

-- Deadline to request a mailed absentee ballot:  5pm, May 28

-- Last day of Early Voting at the Registrar's office: 5pm, June 5

-- Mail-in Voter Registration:  May 17

-- In-person Voter Registration:  May 17




May 2021 ASF Q&A with Takis Karontonis, candidate to Arlington County Democratic Primary for County Board

May 2021 ASF Q&A with Chanda Chaoun, candidate to Arlington County Democratic Primary for County Board

May 2021 ASF Q&A with Mary Kadera, candidate to Arlington County Democratic caucus for School Board

May 2021 ASF Q&A with Miranda Turner, candidate to Arlington County Democratic caucus for School Board

​​​Re-acquaint yourselves with the 2020 Winners! 


Longtime Board Member Libby Garvey -- during her successful 2020 campaign -- replied to questions from ASF last August on key issues; see her replies at the link below.  ASF also hosted Garvey September 14 -- her views remain very relevant to our concerns about county development.  She was elected November 2020 to a new four-year term.  Earlier in 2020, the Arlington County Board welcomed new member Takis Karantonis, also a Democrat.  Mr. Karantonis in the run-up to the July 2020 special  election provided his positions on:  Development;  EnvironmentDiversityInfrastructureMr. Karantonis also joined ASF for a video Q&A on June 17, 2020 which provides further commentary and insight still relevant today. 

Then-candidates for Arlington School Board Cristina Diaz-Torres and David Priddy (both Democrats) also won their elections in November 2020.  ASF submitted questions to these candidates in advance of the May 2020 school board caucus concerning the APS role in Shaping Arlington's Growth and its role as an Environmental Steward.  The school board candidates' replies are available below.