Arlington Elections 2020

Local Elections Count!!! 

Arlington County Board and School Boards Play Key Roles in Growth and Development!

General Info on the Election.  Arlington heads to the polls to elect one person to the Arlington County Board two people to the Arlington School Board on November 3.  Candidates for President, U.S. Senate, and the 8th District of the U.S. House of Representitves will also be on the ballot November 3. 


You may want to read this resource guide for voting, given all the new pandemic-related procedures and expected heavy turnout this year.  Absentee balloting will still be an option for those concerned about in-person voting due to Covid-19.  You can apply online here.  Applications for an absentee ballot must be RECEIVED by your local election office by 5pm October 23.  See Arlington County Election website for more details on absentee balloting.  Early in-person voting will begin September 18, 2020 for those who prefer voting at 2200 Clarendon Blvd, Suite R140 (this is a new location next to the County government building).  The county also approved four additional sites for in-person early voting, check dates for those sites individually.  The county is also pursuing adding polling sites, so you should keep tabs on where your polling site will be if you do decide to vote in person.  Health safety precautions will be in place at the polls.  

Meet the Candidates!  Current Chairman of the Arlington County Board Libby Garvey is up for re-election to the County Board, and will face Independent candidate Audrey Clement.  ASF in late August submitted several questions for these candidates; see their replies at the link below.  You may also want to view separate one-hour zoom sessions -- one held September 11 with Audrey Clement and one held September 14 with Libby Garvey -- to help inform your vote.

Earlier in the year, Arlington Democrats elected two candidates in the primary (Cristina Diaz-Torres and David Priddy); they will contest two vacant seats on the Arlington School Board, along with independent Symone Walker.  ASF submitted questions to these candidates in advance of the primary election April concerning the APS role in Shaping Arlington's Growth and its role as an Environmental Steward.  The three school board candidates' replies are available below.

ASF also supports the November 3 bond referendum for stormwater spending.  As we saw in July 2019, destructive flooding in several neighborhoods pointed to the need for increased investment in measures to prevent flooding.  See link below for more details on this bond request.

Although he is not on the ballot in November, you may still be interested in replies to ASF's questions submitted to current board member Takis Karantonis, a Democrat who was elected to the board in July 2020.  Mr. Karantonis' replies provide information on his positions on:  Development;  EnvironmentDiversityInfrastructure



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